If you love 80s music, you'll love my new band...

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I can remember sitting in my elementary school's auditorium in the 80s hearing "Eternal Flame" blasting out on the loud speakers. I distinctly remember leaning over to one of my friends and asking her what song it was. I was hooked! From that day on, I asked to listen to the radio whenever I could. That year, my parents gave me my first cassette tape, Whitney Houston's first album, and I learned every single word on that album. She essentially taught me how to sing. I spent hours trying to mimic her voice and her emotions.

Fast forward to the present, and I still can't let go of those 80s songs. They are timeless and transform the listener to such a fun, carefree time. So, out of my love for all things 80s, I just launched a brand-new band, The Glamorous Ones. Led by myself and Las Vegas vocal powerhouse, Paige Strafella, we are bringing back the top hits of the 80s. It's all the hits, all the ladies, and all 80s!

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